New Construction

If you already know that you’d like to preview new homes (which are often not available through the Multiple Listing Service or MLS), I can help you with that. New construction avoids many of the challenges of purchasing a resale property and like owning a new car, can give you a sense of satisfaction unlike any other. It’s often the choice for first time homebuyers because of less risk for repairs and also, of course, due to price point.

In the Austin area, there are communities in various phases of new construction (some at closeout, some just getting underway, and others anywhere in between). The search can get a little overwhelming at times depending on the factors that are most important to you, like which schools feed into those communities or what’s closest to your work place. Begin your online search by using the feature below:

Then reach out and let me know when you’d like to begin exploring some of these properties together. Having representation when you’re searching for a new construction is every bit as important as it is with resale property.